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Inspiration Time

P.S. Mike's been asked about his song "When I Get Out." He says  this video helps explain it.

Highlights from our Youtube channel!

It's 4/20 and marijuana news is all the rage. I'm still waiting for my song to get picked up as a  jingle.

"In The Next Town" goes behind the scenes of a songwriter's imagination to show how a song arises from a conversation. The "Michael and Nung" music video combines composition and performance with the video and editing art of Nung-Hsin Hu, rendered in New York and Connecticut. Mike's composition for three clarinets (b flat, a, and bass) is called Kaleenka Suite. It's Mike's "classical" side during a residency at i-Park Foundation. "Who's On My Land" shows an old farm, while the song tells the story of the one who owns it and the one who works it.

I g0t to jam on alto sax at this gig!

Who's On My Land is a streaming-only single, available on cdBaby. This paean to Americana sounds like a folk rock classic though it was just composed recently. It possesses a "Levon" type of feel, and all the horn/organ/guitar trappings of Americana music. It is NOT included on the Boston Nashville album. Download it here on CDBaby.

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