If  you like this song, Everyone Wants What We Got, buy the whole album on CD Baby! Musically and lyrically, my album Boston Nashville will take you places!

May 22, 2017, was the 30th year since a tornado devastated Saragosa, Texas. The song I wrote about it has lived on. Above left is a 2013 rendition by a group in Fort Worth, Texas. Here's a slow ballad version and here's a version with a more mariachi-style tempo.

Here's a link to my demos for a 2nd album tentatively titled

 Next Town Over

Maybe  not my best rendition of "Picture of You" (buy the album for the best one) but hard to resist the backdrop at this art gallery gig.

Who's On My Land is a streaming-only single, available on cdBaby. This paean to Americana sounds like a folk rock classic though it was just composed recently. It possesses a "Levon" type of feel, and all the horn/organ/guitar trappings of Americana music. It is NOT included on the Boston Nashville album. Download it here on CDBaby.

Here's some of Mike's instrumental work:

The "Michael and Nung" music video combines composition and performance with the video and editing art of Nung-Hsin Hu, rendered in New York and Connecticut. Mike's composition for three clarinets (b flat, a, and bass) is called Kaleenka Suite. It's Mike's "classical" side during a residency at i-Park Foundation.  Here is a link to the music of Chronic Jazz Syndrome where Mike plays bass.  The two videos below show Mike sitting in on alto sax.

...With the Blue Note Big Band, it was the Blood, Sweat and Tears arrangement of God Bless The Child. I tried to get out all the notes of the Fred Lipsius solo that slayed me as a kid....can't blame me for tryin'!

Happy to be re-creating music I've

heard all my life. With the Deep Blue Studio Orchestra, it was a tribute to

​Burt Bacharach....